Someone understands us đź–¤

Thank you The Sludgelord

„The subtle beauty of Phantom Winter’s music has always been its truth in vision. It stands out because it isn’t preening with the idea of being something more exceptional that a doom group. They do not need to: the performance is so unique and powerful that its presence is all that is necessary. Such focus on craft is freeing. What’s more the sheer quality of the musicianship virtually guarantees that the band does not require a hyphenate sort of marketing. Instead, Phantom Winter, from the opening chords of „The Initiation Of Darkness,“ creates an experience.“

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9/10 from Italy đź–¤.

Into Dark Science non è un disco che loda i fascini dell’oscuritĂ . No, sarebbe tremendamente sciocco fare un ragionamento del genere. I Phantom Winter scattano una fotografia perfetta, piena di dettagli, di quello che significa vivere dentro all’oscuritĂ . Di come accadde che i demoni oscuri che vogliano far emergere per toccare nuove vette finiscono per consumarci. E‘ una tragedia ricorrente nella storia dell’uomo, ma se è così è perchĂ© ancora non abbiamo imparato a conviverci.

Remember when Omega Massif nearly brought down the 013 in 2009, to the point that their show was actually audible in other rooms (sorry, Scott Kelly!)? Phantom Winter features two former members of that band, and are just as terribly, suffocatingly heavy as those guys were, if not more so. And now there’s horrid screechy vocals on top of a harsher, sludgier sound, to make the whole experience even more wonderfully unpleasant.