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24.-27.04. 2019



Groningen (NL)

Droneburg Festival „Hamburg is Droneburg“

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Phantom Winter – Into Dark Science

An ever-flowing stream of creativity mixed with ungodly bile is what you’ll find here. Very surprising considering I had a small chat with Phantom Winter’s guitarist and he turned out to be quite charming. So, back to the bile. The first track on this record has this transitional mid part with a perverted piccolo coming in and out. It sounds harmless at first but after a few repeats, it becomes hunting. This piccolo drives me totally nuts but in a brilliant way. Once this album ends I go right back to the first hunting track and begin the journey again. It might happen to you too. – Ethan

At Bellrope 😂😂🖤

Bellrope – Well, I’m not certain every bell has a rope. In fact, I know they don’t. Here are bells that don’t have ropes: doorbells, sleigh bells, Taco Bell’s, Belle and Sebastian, jingle bells. I could go on. The point is, really only big church bells have ropes, so I bet these guys are Christian rock, and kudos to Roadburn for keeping Christ’s light in mind while booking the fest.


cornered rats!
theeth teeth teeth armory!
„we didn’t know“, they vow.
silence silence silence forever!


„where are our neighbours?“
„where are our former friends?“
smoke in the sky.
raining ashes.
screams in the night.
these are the uncovered answers.


no acceptance
for the lethe
flies witness the lies
flies witness the graves

concealed inhumanity seems to be more human than anyone wants to believe.

Homosexuals, sinti, roma, disabled people, everyone who did not fit into the plan
Caged in workcamps, tortured to death, raped, experiments on human beings
And you want to tell us it’s time to forget about the past
Does the number six followed by six zeros mean anything to you
We will never forget and we will never accept this will ever be forgotten

A german is someone who cannot tell a lie without believing it himself. Theodor W. Adorno

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Interview mit Andreas aus dem Trust Magazin.

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