„“Avalanche Cities” from the Cvlt album was …

„“Avalanche Cities” from the Cvlt album was written while I was struggling my way through Thomas Pynchon‘s Gravity’s Rainbow. Don’t get me wrong, I think it is a masterpiece, and if you ever plan to read this I can guarantee you, it is a tour de force… but it’s so hard to read.

I think every person reading it will understand it in a different way, and I am not even sure if I understood it. But I stumbled over these sentences a character named “Gwenhidwy” says:

“If the City Paranoiac dreams, it is not accessible to us. Perhaps the City dreamed of another, enemy city, floating across the sea to invade the estuary… or of waves of darkness… waves of fire… perhaps of being swallowed again, by the immense, the silent Mother Continent?

It’s none of my business, city dreams… but what if the City were a growing neoplasm, across the centuries, always changing to meet exactly the changing shape of its very worst, secret fears?”

And at the same time I remembered one of the stories out of Clive Barker’s Books of Blood I, “In the Hills, the Cities”, that I highly recommend.

The song also got an important quote from the film Dark City, where aliens can morph cities to study the individuality of humans, as they do not understand the concept of individuality.

Then I used Nasum‘s “Inhale Exhale” and changed it to “Inhale inhale inhale explode”.

All of these influences I used in “Avalanche Cities” to express my feelings about the concept of humanity and its ability to destroy itself.

That’s why I chose the title — “Avalanche” can be read as an addition to “Cities”, like “cities that destroy”, or it also can be read as a request, more like “destroy cities!”.

Choose wisely.“